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3-pause Clean Deadlift (Weight)

3 sets

3-pause Clean Deadlift

*Pause for one second

pause1: 2’off Floor

pause 2: Knee Level

pause 3: Mid-thign

Set 1: 80%

Set 2: 85%

Set 3 90%

*based off of 1 rep max
*rest is up to you but no more than 2 minutes

We are working on positioning in our clean deadlift today

*We will paus at the 3 postions before finishing each rep

*On eht way down we will not pause but we will move with control on the ground

*this is not a regular deadlift, we are positioned and movig through the same positions as if we were doing a clean


3-positions clean high pull (Weight)

3 sets

3-position Clean High Pull

rest as needed

Positions are TOP DOWN

position one: mid-thigh

position 2: knee

Position 3 Low-hang 2″ off floor

Set 1 60%

set 2 65%

set 3 70%

*Based off of one rep mx clean
* in this second part of our clean work, we will complete a clean high pull starting in 3 different positions

*Barbell will come from the ground and be deadlifted up into the start position

*do not let go of the bar, must be held for 3 positions


3-position squat clean (Weight)

3 position squat clean

5 sets

position 1: mid thing

pos 2: knee

pos 3: low handg 2′ off the floor

Set one: 63%

set 2:: 66%

set 3: 69%

set 4 :72%

set 5: 75%

*Based on 1 rep mx clean


Tidying up (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 15 mins:

15 powercleans 95/65

30 DUs

15 Wall balls 20/14

30 DUs

Push up Biathlon (Time)


30 strict HSPUS

400m run

20 strict HSPUS

400m run

10 strict hspus

400m run

Every time you break a set of HSPUS you have to stop and do 50 DUS


30/21 cal bike

Strict Press

Kipping HSPUS