CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)

Back Squat


4-6 Sets:

1-3 Reps @ 70-75%

Compounding interest (Time)

“Compounding Interest”


5 Rounds:

30 Double Unders

10 Overhead Squats 95 / 65 lb

Directly Into..

1 Round:

30 Overhead Squats 95 / 65 lb

100 Double Unders
– Repeat from 9/7/21

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Double Unders: The sets of 20 double unders should take less than 1:00. The set of 100 double unders should take less than 2:00.

Overhead Squats: The weight on the barbell should not exceed 50% of your 1RM overhead squat. The barbell should come from the floor in this workout.

– Score: Time

– In the first portion of the workout, we want to move quickly on the barbell and breathe on the jump rope.

– While we want to move quickly on the barbell, we want to be sure that we are achieving full depth each rep as well as standing up fully each rep. Aim for unbroken sets here.

– In the second portion, we can aim to complete the overhead squats in 1-3 sets. Same for the double unders.

– If we hold on for 1 or 2 big sets on the barbell in the second portion, we can expect the arms to feel fatigued going into the double unders. If we tend to struggle with double unders, we should plan to break at least once on the barbell to give the arms some relief.


– Reduce Reps

– 1.5x Single Unders


– Reduce Reps/Loading

– Front Squats

– Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats

Metcon (Checkmark)

Extra credit

Midline + Holds (Optional)

4-5 Supersets For Quality:

30 Second Single Arm Plank (Each Side)

20 GHD Sit-ups

1 Minute D-Ball Hold 150 / 100 lb

Rest 1 Minute Between Sets.

EMOM Conditioning (Optional)

On the Minute x 30-40 [6-8 Rounds]:

Minute 1: Bike Erg Calories

Minute 2: 12-20 Strict Pull-ups

Minute 3: Bike Erg Calories

Minute 4: 12-20 Strict Ring Dips

Minute 5: Rest