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Metcon (No Measure)

4 Sets For Quality:

40 Double Unders

2 Minute Machine of Choice

10 Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats

*Alternate Arms Every Set (2 Sets Each Arm)

If you don’t have the flexibilty to do the db oh squat do DB front squats

Metcon (Time)

For Time:

30 Power Snatches 135 / 95 lb

1 mile run or 2,000 Meter Row

100 Wallballs 20 / 14 lb(10/9ft.)

[Partition However You’d Like]

POWER SNATCHES: Singles or sets. Less than 5:00 total.

ROW: 2:20 pace or faster. Less than 10:00 total.

WALLBALLS: Sets of 5 or more. Less than 6:00 total.

NOTES: This workout can be broken up and completed in any order.

SCORE: Time.

Some Potential Strategies…

*1000m Row

5 Rounds:

10 Wallballs

3 Power Snatches

1000m Row

5 Rounds:

10 Wallballs

3 Power Snatches

*2 Rounds:

15 Power Snatches

1,000m Row

50 Wallballs

*5 Rounds:

6 Power Snatches

400m Row

20 Wallballs

*10 Rounds:

3 Power Snatches

200m Row

10 Wallballs


– Reduce Load

– Reduce Reps

– Sub Dumbbell(s)

2,000M ROW

– Reduce Distance

– 4,000m Bike

– 1,600m Run or Ski

– 1,200m Air Run


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Load

– Single Dumbbell Thrusters (DB Across Chest)

– Empty Barbell Thrusters

Metcon (No Measure)

Extra Credit

For Time:

150% of Max Strict Pull-ups

Every Break:

200 Meter Run

FLOW: Complete 150% of your strict pull-ups as fast as possible. Every time you come off the bar, you’ll complete a 200m run. You do not need to run after your last pull-up.

NOTES: If your max set is 5 or less, use a band and complete 30-50 reps for time. every break complete a 200m run. Time cap this at 10:00.


Extra credit


5 Sets:

5:00 Moderate

1:00 Rest

MODERATE PACE: Damper as high as possible while holding 70-80 RPM.

REST: Full rest.

SCORE: Enter calories accumulated during each 5:00 interval. Overall score will be the sum total.