CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Metcon (Weight)


A) Dead Stop Deadlifts

5×4 @ 60%

B) Touch-and-Go Deadlifts

5×4 @ 65%

Metcon (Time)

“Boat Shoes”

For Time:

1,500 Meter Row

1,200 Meter Run

Rest 3 Minutes

1,000 Meter Row

800 Meter Run

Rest 3 Minutes

500 Meter Row

400 Meter Run

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Longer cardio interval workout today with distances decreasing each round. This will allow us to ramp up our intensity as we get closer to the finish.

– The first interval should take less than 15:00. The second interval should take less than 10:00. The last interval should take less than 5:00.

– Score: Enter all 3 intervals. Your overall score will be the sum total.


1. We want to aim to ramp up our pace with each interval as the distances decrease significantly each round. Aim for hard efforts on all intervals but for percieved effort percentages, we can think to hit the first interval at about 80-85% of maximal effort, the second interval at about 85-90% of maximal effort, and the final interval at an all out effort.

2. While we go into the row relatively fresh each round, we want to be careful about frying the legs for the run that follows. Remember that rowing at a pace that is just 2 seconds faster per 500m takes a lot of effort and only save us a couple of seconds that can easily be lost on a slower paced run. Focus on staying smooth and finding a steady pace just outside your comfort zone.

3. With each run, take the first 100m or so to let the legs flush out from the row. Aim to ramp up your speed from there. When the legs don’t want to move, pump the arms and the legs will follow.


500M ROW

– 400m Run

– 1000m Bike (Any)

– 400m Ski

– 300m Air Run

400M RUN

– 500m Row

– 1000m Bike (Any)

– 400m Ski

– 300m Air Run