CrossFit – Fri, Jan 6


CrossFit – Fri, Jan 6

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Crossfit Games Open 18.2 (Ages 16-54) (Time)

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps

for time of:

Dumbbell squats 50/35 lb

Bar-facing burpees

-12 minute time cap

– If you finish under the time cap, use remaining time to complete 18.2a

– If you don’t finish before the time cap, add 1 second for every rep you don’t complete before the time cap
– Conditioning Category: Threshold. Athletes will move at their maximal sustainable pace throughout.

– Dumbbell Squats: Athletes can rest the dumbbells on the shoulders or hold them in their hands. Weights here should allow for unbroken sets every round.

– Bar-Facing Burpees: Athletes should jump over the bar with two feet. Barbell can be pre-loaded to opening clean weight during this first part.

– Note: If you finish the workout before the 12:00 mark, use the remaining time to build to a 1RM clean (see next slide for details on 18.2a).

– Score: Total time it takes to complete the workout. Swipe left and log your lift in the next piece.

– This workout is all about who can stay strong and hold their pace in rounds 8-10.

– We will want to move fast in the first few rounds but we should only do this if we feel confident we can hold that pace throughout or that we know our pace will only slow down slightly.

– Transitions are key here. Take as little steps as possible between your squats and your burpees.

– Pace the burpees in a way that will allow you to hold on for unbroken sets of dumbbell squats.


– Reduce Loading

– Reduce Reps

– Sub Barbell

– Sub Kettlebells


– Reduce Reps

– Burpees Step-Overs

– Regular Burpees

Crossfit Games Open 18.2 A (all divisions) (Weight)

Use the remaining time from 18.2 to accomplish a 1RM clean
– Athletes can begin with barbell pre-loaded.

– Squat cleans and power cleans are both permitted.

– Athletes will log their heaviest successful lift when the 12:00 clock runs out.

– Athletes can take as many attempts as they would like.

– Score: Heaviest clean.

Metcon (Checkmark)


D-Ball + Bar Muscle-up

3 Rounds For Time [15 Minute Cap]:

10 D-Ball Over Shoulder 150 / 100 lb

10 Bar Muscle-ups

Oly Strength Accessory

On the 3:00 x 3 Supersets:

6-8 Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

6-8 Wide Grip Strict Pull-ups

Ski Erg Intervals

15 Rounds For Max Calories:

40 Seconds On

20 Seconds Off