CrossFit – Fri, Mar 29


CrossFit – Fri, Mar 29

CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Between the lions (Time)

2 rounds

750m Row

50 Wall balls (14/10) (10’/9′)

*Sub 600m Run for Row if needed

Target Time: 12-14 minutes

• Time Cap 20 mins


• How to Pace: STEADY into CHALLENGE! These are big challenging sets each round today! Come out with a pace that won’t blow you up. Try to have 3 sets or less on the wall ball portion if at all possible and stay disciplined on the clock with not getting lazy in the rest!

• How it should Feel: MUSCULAR ENDURANCE and GASSY! This one will work the legs, midline and shoulders! It will affect everyone a little differently. Find where your sticking point is and manage the workout around that.


• Row: Smooth and steady here. Hang around your 5k pace here.

• Wall Balls : Hips here will help as well to not blow up your shoulders. We’d love 3 sets here like we said but know you may have to break it more with shorter rest to stay moving. Stay mentally tough on the back half of the last set here!

——if you don’t have access to a wall ball, complete empty barbell thrusters.


• The SCALING aim is to stay moving and finish under the time cap.

Snatch complex (Weight)

7 Sets New set every 1:30.

1 High Hang Power Snatch + 1 Power Snatch from Above Knee + 1 Power Snatch @ 60-75% 1RM Snatch

Extra 3/29/24 (Checkmark)

7 Sets

200m at RPE8

300m at RPE6

100m Recovery Jog

*No rest between reps or sets.

Total: 4200m