CrossFit – Mon, Feb 5


CrossFit – Mon, Feb 5


Bring a friend Friday February 9th! You will need them to like all our social media and schedule a No Sweat Intro!

CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Big Ben (2 Rounds for time)

2 Sets

2 Rounds

15/12 Calorie echo Bike

12 Toes to Bar (unbroken)

100ft farmers carry 50/35

6 Bar Muscle Ups (unbroken)

-rest 2 minutes b/t set-


2 Sets

2 Rounds

12/9 Calorie echo bike

9 Toes to Bar (go for unbroken) (OR 18 Hanging Knee Raises)

100ft db farmers carry

2 Bar Muscle Ups (go for unbroken) (OR 4 Burpee Pull Up)

-rest 2 minutes b/t set-

• Target Time each set: sub 8 minutes

• Time Cap each set: 10 minutes


• How to Pace: STEADY and CHALLENGE! We want you to push as much as you can while holding the unbroken sets as prescribed. That means being aggressive on the bike and bag carry, then approaching the bar and hopping up as soon as you are ready, but not a moment before!

• How it should Feel: GRIPPY and GASSY! The unbroken sets will fatigue your grip and upper pull making it an interesting challenge to see where the breaking point is!

The bike and carry will be a great point to rest your grip but spike the heart rate!


• Bike: Pacing should be moderately-fast (80%) while aiming to slow down the final 3-4 calories. The goal should be to finish around 60 seconds. Remember, Relax the hands to keep the forearms loose.

• Toes to Bar : It says unbroken and that’s what we want. Take a few seconds after the bike and make sure you are ready to go before jumping to the bar. We are really challenging you today with how big of sets you can hang onto!

• Sandbag Bear Hug Carry : The weight selected should allow you to go unbroken when fresh. However, given the volume of grip it might be good to break into 2x50ft sections.

—–if you don’t have the space, you can complete 40 seconds of marches in place holding the sandbag in the bear hug position

• Bar Muscle Ups: Like the toes to bar the standard is unbroken. Be explosive and be sure you give the arms a few seconds after the carry. Adjust reps to meet the stimulus if needed.


(For pregnant and postpartum women)

• Assault Bike —-> no modification

• Toes to Bar —-> American Kettlebell Swing

• Bear Hug Carry —-> Double Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry OR 40 seconds of Double Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry Marches

• Bar Muscle Ups —–> Modified Burpee Pull Ups – modified push up x 2 to scapular pull up x 2

SCALING (AKA 40+ Masters Rx)

• The SCALING aim is for consistent times and sets to be held across.

• Scaling option to finish near the target score:

2 Sets

2 Rounds

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

15 Toes to Bar (unbroken)

100ft Sandbag Bear Hug Carry (100/70) (OR 50ft at 150/100)

5 Bar Muscle Ups (unbroken)

-rest 2 minutes b/t set-

Squat cleans (Time)

For Time:

5 Squat Cleans @ 60-65% 1 RM Clean

5 Squat Cleans @ 70-75% 1 RM Clean

5 Squat Cleans @ 80-85%1 RM Clean

In 60 seconds complete as many squat cleans as possible @90% 1 RM Clean

**Cycled or fast singles

Extra 2/5/24 (Checkmark)

Full Grip Front Squats

5@ 68% 1 RM Front Squat

5 @ 73% 1 RM Front Squat

4 @ 75% 1 RM Front Squat

4 @ 78-80% 1 RM Front Squat

3 @ 80-83% 1 RM Front Squat


Dumbbell Bench Press (2×50/35)


Rope climbs

-rest 5 minutes-


Dumbbell Bench Press (2×70/50)


Rope climbs