CrossFit – Tue, Feb 13


CrossFit – Tue, Feb 13

CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Godiva (4 Rounds for time)

4 Sets:

12/10 Calorie Echo Bike

18 Wall Balls (20/14) (10/9)

54 Double Unders

-rest 1:1 b/t sets-

Target Time each set: sub 2 minutes

• Time Cap each set: 3 minutes


• How to Pace: CHALLENGE!

Effort should be moderately high across all sets. Be aggressive on transitions, don’t get caught stopping and staring, and use the first set as a tester. Then, turn it on through the final set.

• How it should Feel: GASSY! Everything is designed to attack your lungs and legs, making proceeding to the next station much more difficult. Suck it up and move!


• Echo Bike: Fast pace (85%+), not an all-out sprint (save it for the last), but a respectable effort that allows you to finish ideally in 30-40 seconds.

• Axle Bar Thrusters : Unbroken here. Take a deep breath and get right to work. As the reps at up a brief pause at the top for a breath may be needed.

—-If you don’t have access to an Axle Bar, you can scale to regular barbell thrusters at the same weight.

• Double Unders : Unbroken is the ultimate goal. If you trip up, return to work; don’t use it as an excuse to rest. Make sure your rope is set up appropriately before starting.

—–scale to 108 Single Unders if needed.


• The SCALING aim is for fast and consistent sets.

Front squat (Weight)

3 Front Squats @ 75% 1 RM Front Squat

2 Front Squats @ 80% 1 RM Front Squat

1 Front Squats @ 85% 1 RM Front Squat

1 Front Squats @ 90% 1 RM Front Squat