CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Metcon (Time)

Power Snatch & Hang Snatch

5 Sets:

1 Power Snatch

1 Hang Squat Snatch

Performed @ 75-80% 1RM Snatch 90LB – 96LB

5karen (Time)



5 Rounds For Time:

1,000 Meter Run

30 Wallballs 20 / 14 lb to 10/9ft.

Time Cap: 40 Minutes
– Conditioning Category: Threshold/Pacer

– Run: Athletes should be able to complete the run in less than 6:30 each round.

– Wallballs: Athletes should be able to complete the wallballs in 2:00 or less each round.

– Score: Total time. If capped, add 1s for every missed rep. Every 100m = 1 Rep.

– Let’s make our first focus on our pacing. In order to finish under the time cap, each round needs to be completed in 8:00 or less. We are aiming for consistent pacing across all rounds. Try to be out the door by the 8:00, 16:00, 24:00, and 32:00 minute marks to help keep you accountable.

– To see how you did on your pacing, check the clock after round 1 and see what your split time is. At the end of the workout, take your overall time and find out what your average split time per round was. See how close your average is to your round 1 time.

– We’ve got a 5k run and 150 wallballs in this workout. Even if we are a solid runner, time can easily slip away on the wallballs if we run too fast. Let’s be sure to run at a pace that will allow for us to stay moving on the ball.

– Small quick sets on the ball might work for some while big sets work for others. Let’s choose a strategy that keeps us moving with short breaks only.


– Reduce Distance

– 1,250m Row

– 1,000m Ski

– 2,500m Bike

– 750m Air Run


– Reduce Reps/Loading/Target Height

– Sub Empty Barbell Thrusters

– Sub Single Dumbbell Thrusters (DB Across Chest)

– 50 Air Squats

Metcon (Checkmark)

Extra credit

Echo Bike FTP Prep [2/3]


2 Rounds:

12 Minutes On

5 Minutes Easy