CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Layover (Time)

15/10 bike ( or 15/10 row, or 200m run, or 12 burps)

10 CTB pull-ups

After you finish 5 rounds go directly into

5 rounds

10 power cleans

10 Jerks

-Focus point in this effort is the barbell. It is not often we do 50 CJ in a workout, providing a unique stamina pacing opportunity

-We want a light load today on the barbell. Think 30 or more unbroken CJ, when fresh

-reflect on how rounds 3,4, and 5 went post workout. Management of higher rep counts is a skill we are training today so that we can learn and become better

-Pace the bike, row, or run…so you can hold longer on the C2B pullups

-Break the Power Cleans to be able to hold onto big un broken sets of push jerks

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Extra Credit

on the minute x6 rounds:

:20 secs on bike :30 sec rest

Rest 2 mins

on the minute x4

:30 sec on bike :30 sec rest

Rest 2 mins

on the minute x 2

:40 sec bike :20 sec rest
-Training 3 different gears today

-face paces

Trying to move to our fastest pace

-score is the fewest recorded calories