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BX sqt 7×2 (Weight)

Box Squat

7 Sets of 2

Set box to just below parallel.

Dead stop on box for 1s.

All percentages based on 1RM Back Squat:

Sets 1+2 – 60%

Sets 3+4 – 65%

Sets 5+6+7 – 70%

– Lighter loads does not necessarily mean less progress.

– Different approach today on our de-load week. The focus is speed.

– At loads where we can stand with *maximial acceleration*, the aim here to build explosiveness coming out of our squat.

– Take a “low bar” rack position (bar closer to mid-shoulder than neckline), and sit back to box. Find a near-vertical shin position as we sit to the box, which places the focus on the posterior.

– With a 1s pause, aggressively stand to extension by *squeezing* ourselves off the box (not rock).

From the top (Time)

1 Round:

30 Power Snatches

30 Overhead Squats

30 Squat Snatches

On the Minute – 5 TTB

Barbell – 95/65

RX + 115/85

– Conditioning Category: Grind

– Moderate barbell is the aim. Choose a load that we could squat snatch for 10+ reps unbroken when fresh.

– Awareness is key here… both in pacing our stamina, but in using the clock.

– Proper management of the 60s windows can set us up for success, where improper management can lead to lost seconds here and there… which can amount to a punishing addition to the final time.



1. Push the early reps of power snatches then back off in preparation for the overhead squats.

2. Hold onto larger sets of the overhead squat.

3. Steady on the early reps of squat snatches and push the end.

Olympic technique complexes (Weight)

Olympic Technique

5 Complexes:

1 Pausing Power Snatch

1 Pausing Overhead Squat

1 Pausing Squat Snatch

All pauses are for 1 second in each respective “catch” or “bottom” position:

Power Snatch – Pause at the quarter squat power catch.

Overhead Squat – Pause at the bottom of our squat.

Squat Snatch – Pause at the bottom of our catch.
All percentages based on 1RMSnatch:

Set 1 – 50%

Set 2 – 55%

Sets 3+4+5 -60%

– Placing the focus to our receiving position today.

– By forcing a pause, we have the chance to confirm the most challenging portion of the lift: the catch.

– We are essence “getting comfortable with an uncomfortable spot”.

– When we find excellence in this “slow” (hence a pause), we then build the foundation to do it “fast” (think heavy 1RM lifts).