CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Hang Power Clean 1 rep mac (Weight)

Build to one heavy rep

Boat race (Time)

“Boat Race”


3 Rounds For Time:

500 Meter Row

400 Meter Run

Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds.
– Conditioning Category: Sprinty Threshold

– Repeat workout from 4.23.19 (before app).

– Row: All athletes will row 500m as this is a repeat workout. Each row should be completed in 2:15 or less. Modify to 400m if you cannot row faster than a 2:15 pace.

– Run: Should be completed in 2:15 or less.

– Note: The run should start and end at your rower. After you complete your run each round, record your time and figure out when you start up next.

– Video Note: If you don’t have a buddy for the banded drill, and want to test it out, you can attach the band to a rig, just be careful when releasing tension!

– Score: Total time including rest.

– With rest built in, the goal is to find an aggressive pace for each of the three rounds.

– While we want to be aggressive, we still want to balance the speed across the row and the run.

– Treat the whole workout like you’re completing 1000 meter rowing sprints. We would try and maintain the same pace on the first 500 and second 500. Instead of another 500 on the rower, we have a 400 meter run.

– Go by feel and try to put an equally strong effort into both movements.


– 400m Ski

– 1000m Bike

– 400m Run

– 300m Air Run


– 500m Row

– 400m Ski

– 1000m Bike

– 300m Air Run

– 30 x 10m Shuttle Run

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Strict Pull-Ups

1 Set:

Max Unbroken Strict Pull-Ups

Metcon (No Measure)

Extra Credit

Handstand Walk


For Time:

300ft. Handstand Walk

Time Cap: 10 Minutes