CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Back Squat: One heavy rep

Back Squat

Work up to one heavy rep

Power cleans unbroken 15-12-9 (3 Rounds for weight)

Power Clean


Unbroken Sets For Load:

15-12-9 Power Cleans

Rest As Needed Between Sets.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

“My Leg!”


15 Minutes For Total Reps:

5 Minute Max Bike Erg Calories

4 Minute Max Air Squats

3 Minute Max Double Unders

2 Minute Max Toes to Bar

1 Minute Max Burpee to Target (6″)
– Conditioning Category: Grindy Threshold

– Bike Erg: Damper setting can be set to wherever athletes are able to hold 70 RPM or higher.

– Air Squats: Athletes should squat until the hip travel below the knees and should also be sure to open the hips fully at the top.

– Double Unders: Athletes should be able to string together sets of 15 double unders or more to perform as Rx.

– Toes To Bar: Athletes should be able to complete their toes to bar in sets of 5 or more within the workout.

– Burpee To Target: Burpee below a pull-up bar, door way, or set of rings that is 6 inches above your reach.

– Score: Enter reps completed at each station. Overall score will be total reps.

– Pick a goal number of calories you’d like to accumulate each minute. For guys, this might be anywhere from 15-20 cals per minute. For ladies this might be anywhere from 10-15 cals per minute.

– Athletes can aim to find a steady pace for the air squats. Aim for 30+ reps per minute. We can bank a good amount of reps on this station toward our overall score so this is a good place to push.

– The double unders are another place athletes can bank a solid amount of reps. Aim for 30s bursts with quick breaks or break every 30+ reps to shake things out.

– For the toes to bar, choose a strategy that will allow for as minimal resting as possible. Aim for 5+ reps at a time with no more than 5s of rest between sets.

– With the last minute being burpees, we can afford to go faster than we are typically comfortable here. Push the pace knowing there is nothing left after this.


– Sub Any Machine (Scaled)


– Squat To A Box (Scaled if above parallel)


– Practice

– Single Unders (Scaled)


– Toes To Space

– Knees To Chest

– V-Ups

– Sit-Ups