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Big Clean Complex (Weight)


“Big Clean Complex”

6 Sets: on the 5:00

H.Hang Sqt – Hang Sqt – Full Sqt – PP

H.Hang Sqt – Hang Sqt – Full Sqt – PJ

H.Hang Sqt – Hang Sqt – Full Sqt – SJ
this is a 12-rep barbell complex

– to be completed with out dropping the bar

-maintain grip and be able to move weight efficiently

-the goal is to climb in weight with each set as we build to a heavy complex

-with a lot of reps to do, a good place to start is about 45-50% of you 1rm clean and jerk

-your score is your heaviest complex unbroken

Metcon (No Measure)

3 rounds

9 dubbell bench presses

18 single db bent over rows (9ea side)

36 banded pull aparts

rest 2:00mins