CrossFit – Tue, Oct 24


CrossFit – Tue, Oct 24


Competition November 11th

The Forge: Team Comp

male/male female/female

intermediate and scaled

$125 a team plus tax and fees (early bird) for the first 10 teams then $140 after that

Come out and Play! Link below:

Ask Lyanne if you have questions.

CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

High hang snatch 10/24/23 (Weight)

Do a set every 1 minute and 30 seconds.

3 High Hang Snatch @ 6/10 RPE

2 High Hang Snatch @ 7/10 RPE

1 High Hang Snatch @ 8/10 RPE

3 High Hang Snatch @ 7/10 RPE

2 High Hang Snatch @ 8/10 RPE

1 High Hang Snatch @ 9/10 RPE

Michaelangelo (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 8 Minutes

10 weighted v ups situps (15/10)

12 Box Jump/Step Down (24/20)

14 Dumbbell Power Snatch (50/35)

-rest 4 minutes-

AMRAP 8 Minutes

2 Rope Climbs

10 Dumbbell Walking Lunge (50/35)

12/10 Calorie Echo Bike

*Aim for each round to take the same amount of time within each AMRAP


• How to Pace:

STEADY! Imagine you had to sustain each of the 8-minute intervals for a hypothetical 30-minute AMRAP. That is the pace you should be moving at.

• How it should Feel:

CARDIO! The movements should be light enough and with low enough reps that allow you never to stop moving at a controlled effort.


• GHD Sit Ups : Cool and collective through these sets. This should be the station where you need to establish a sustainable, steady breathing pattern across both amraps.

• Box Jump : Pause at the top for a quick breath, no rebounding, and be aggressive with the turnaround from rep to rep.

• Dumbbell Power Snatch : Big hips and every rep with a slight pause at the top to breathe. Unbroken is the only way we want to perform these sets.

• Rope Climb : I climb every 10-15 seconds while focusing on using my legs before my arms to ascend the rope.

• Dumbbell Walking Lunge : No stop, unbroken, whatever you want to call it, just don’t stop moving until it’s the work is done.

• Echo Bike: Moderate pacing (70-75%) to stay under 45 seconds. Get on and get moving while aiming to slow down the final 2 calories.


(For pregnant and postpartum women)

• GHD Sit Ups —–> GHD Quarter Sit Up (appropriate only early pregnancy) OR PhysioBall Sit Ups OR Pelvic Tilts – these are especially good for women who are experiencing coning

• Box Jumps —–> Modified Tuck Jump

• Dumbbell Snatch ——> Elevated Single DB Snatch OR Single Dumbbell Hang Snatch

• Rope Climbs —-> Modified Rope Climb

• Walking Lunges —–> Dumbbell Split Lunge (5 each leg)

• Echo Bike —–> no modification unless another machine is more comfortable

SCALING (AKA 45+ Masters Rx)

• The SCALING aim is for a near non-stop effort through each round.

• Scaling option to finish near the target score:

AMRAP 8 Minutes

8 GHD Sit Ups

10 Box Jump/Step Down (24/20)

12 Dumbbell Power Snatch (40/25)

-rest 4 minutes-

AMRAP 8 Minutes

1 Rope Climbs

10 Dumbbell Walking Lunge (40/25)

10/8 Calorie Echo Bike

*Aim for each set to take the same amount of time within each AMRAP

Check out our Scaling and Substitution Movement Document Here! for more recommendations!

Extra 10/24/23 (Checkmark)

AMRAP 30 Minutes

500m Bike Erg

20 Lateral Box Step Ups

500m Bike Erg

15 Ring Rows

500m Bike Erg

10 Strict Handstand Push Ups


AMRAP 30 Minutes

1000m Bike Erg

150ft Sled Push (145/125)

1000m Bike Erg

150ft Backwards Sled Drag (145/125)

1000m Bike Erg

150ft Kettlebell Front Rack Carry (2×70/53)

Sled = weight of sled + weight added