CrossFit – Tue, Nov 14


CrossFit – Tue, Nov 14

CrossFit GonzStrong – CrossFit

Roy Kent + Jamie Tartt (3 Rounds for time)

time cap each set to 3:30 !! 25 min time cap

3 Sets:

1 k Bike / 400m run

50ft Handstand Walk (bear crawl)

1 k Bike/ 400m run

-rest 1:1 b/t sets-


• How to Pace: CHALLENGE! Attack each set like it’s for something. Use the first set as a tester and see if you can consistently improve your score. Aggressive transitions and pushing through until the end is the key to success in this.

• How it should Feel: GASSY! How bad are you willing to hurt as sets go on? Fight until the end, and don’t be a quitter.


• Bike Erg: Pacing should be aggressive (80%+) with the goal to finish under 55 seconds. Ramp up off the start, settle into your pace, and focus on breathing and relaxing your shoulders.

• Handstand Walk : Unbroken is the ultimate goal, but if stopping at the 25ft mark for a quick break helps keep intensity then do it to survive.


(For pregnant and postpartum women)

• Bike Erg —–> no modification unless another machine is more comfortable

• Handstand Walk —–> 3 Elevated Box Walks OR 3 Modified Inchworm

SCALING (AKA 45+ Masters Rx)

• The SCALING aim is for a consistently high effort is maintained across.

• Scaling option to finish near the target score:

3 Sets:

500m Bike Erg

25ft Handstand Walk

500m Bike Erg

-rest 1:1 b/t sets-

Power Snatch 11/14/23 (Weight)

3 Power Snatch @ 6/10 RPE

2 Power Snatch @ 7/10 RPE

1 Power Snatch @ 8/10 RPE

1 Power Snatch @ 9/10 RPE

1 Power Snatch @ 10/10 RPE

Extra 9/13/23 (Checkmark)

10 Walking Alternating Single Arm Double Dumbbell Strict Press (keep one overhead while pressing the other, alternate + walking)

10 Seated Barbell Good Mornings

20 Lateral Single Leg bench Jumping Step Over (as fast as possible)

3 sets:

5 minute Bike Erg

4 minute Gymnastics Circuit

3 minute Row

2 minute Single Unders

1 minute Barbell Bear Complex (75/55)